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Cuban Davidoff No 1 Cigar Tasting with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger at Cuban Davidoff No 1 Cigar Tasting

Cuban Davidoff No 1 Cigar Tasting with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The host, Eddie Sahakian, was welcoming around 20 guests at the Edward Sahakian cigar shop in The BVLGARI Hotel in London.

Guest speaker Simon Chase, former Marketing Director of Hunters & Frankau, lectured about vintage Cuban cigars and his passionate speech and profound knowledge definitively convinced some of the present cigar smokers to start to build up a serious cigar collection or extend their existing one.

Choosing the right cigars can be a worthwhile investment and finance the expensive leisure of smoking Cuban cigars. The original Behike humidor by Ellie Bleu made in a very limited edition of 100 humidors with 40 cigars each cost originally GBP 12.000 and can be easily sold for GBP 100.000 today. One of these single sticks is sold at a retail price of GBP 3.000!

Edward Sahakian, Davidoff of London’s proprietor, recommends buying 2 cigars or 2 boxes, one to smoke now and one to keep.

The cigar of the evening was a Cuban Davidoff No 1 cigar, aged for 25 years at the perfect condition in the humidor of Davidoff of London. Once a mild cigar turned into a strong, flavourful cigar with a very impressive complexity.

All the guests including star guest of the evening, Arnold Schwarzenegger, were amazed how strong such an old cigar can become and how it has changed over the years.

The lecture turned into a very interesting discussion from how to insure a vintage collection to personal anecdotes told by Edward Sahakian and Simon Chase.

All the guests seemed to have enjoyed the splendid evening and the outstanding service of Mike Choi, Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop Manager and runner up of the Habanos Sommelier World Championship, and his team at the Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop in The BVLGARI Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

Cuban Davidoff No 1 Cigar Tasting with Arnold Schwarzenegger
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