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Dalmore Constellation Collection & Partagas Casa del Habano Limited Humidor
Richard Paterson, Partagas Cigar

The Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop at the BVLGARI Hotel London is organising on a regular basis some amazing cigar tastings with drinks pairing.

Last event on 12th February 2014 the Master Blender, Richard Paterson, from Whyte & Mackay started off with very entertaining Oscar award winning presentation, showcasing some amazing Dalmore Whiskies back to 1979.

The memorable evening started with a glass of the Dalmore Valour, followed by the Dalmore 15 years old. It almost peaked with the cask strength (53.8%) 1992 from cask 18 of the Constellation Collection, aged 19 years in casks (10 years in a American White Oak Bourbon barrel followed by amazing 9 years in a European Port cask). One of these bottles will set you back £1.750.

However, the highlight for most guest might have been the 1979 Constellation Collection from Cask 594 (199 bottles) and Cask 1093 (295 bottles), aged for staggering 33 years in a American White Oak cask. The £5000 bottles is every penny worth!

The evening wasn't finished with the outstanding rare single malts. In contrary, the cigar aficionados' heart took a jump when Eddie Sahakian from Davidoff of London, presented the amazing Partagas Sublimes Extra from the 18th Festival Anniversary 166th Partagas Humidor 2011 from his private collection. There has been only 50 humidors made each numbered with unique Partas Sublime Extra (54 x 184mm), Partagas 109 (50 x 184mm) or Partagas Rodolfo (54 x 180mm), each with the special 18th Festival cigar label.

Eddie described the cigar as an incredible blend that reminds him the very old Partagas blend. The flavour and complexity of this cigar was from another world, indeed!

The deepness and the peppery, spicy aromas with hints of chocolate had an incredible complexity and did not go under at all with the Dalmore pairing. In contrary, both rarities complemented each other to perfection!

This has pairing will definitively be in the memories of all the lucky participants!

Great thank you to Eddie Sahakian, Davidoff of London, Richard Paterson, White & Mackay, Mike Choi and Attila, Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop at The BVLGARI Hotel London.

Dalmore Constellation Collection & Partagas Casa del Habano Limited Humidor
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