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Davidoff of London – Best Cigar Shop in London

Davidoff of London – Best Cigar Shop in London
Davidoff of London

Smoking has been prevalent since the medieval times. With no modern smokes available, people felt content on rolling up some tobacco in paper and lighting it up. As mankind progressed, refinement was induced in the field and well-equipped and filter-fitted cigarettes were sold to the market. Though sold in millions on daily basis, people with a richer taste for tobacco ignore cigarettes.

There are three parts to a cigar:


Davidoff of London is a well-known establishment dealing in this merchandise. Located on 35 Saint James Street, it is accessible for all the main centre of the city.

In the world of cigars, Davidoff of London holds a unique place. The main reason for this prestige is the standard the company has successfully maintained over the years. All the cigars are checked for the quality and stored in the perfect condition. However, the most important reasons are the proprietors, Edward Sahakian and his son Eddie. The Sahakian's have become an institution in the cigar world or some call them the aristocracy in the cigar industry. Fact is, they are the nicest people, you can possibly know and entering their shop, you feel treated like an old friend.

Edward Sahakian says that being a cigar smoker means that you are already to 90 per cent a nice and decent person. It seems to have a certain truth to this statement, as cigar smokers seem to enjoy the life, finer things in life and have immediately a connection to each other. Simple bicycle couriers can easily talk to a CEO of a company about cigars, without being judged about their backgrounds.

A variety is available that differs in flavours and aroma; a complete place for the cigar aficionados from all around the globe. Beginners can start with the smooth variety such as Dominican Davidoff's while experienced smokes go for heavier versions such as the newly released Nicaraguan Davidoff or a Cuban cigar. In any case, Davidoff has not only a waste selection on Cuban and Non-Cuban cigars but also a rare vintage stock for special customers. You have to ask very politely for them as Edward Sahakian would prefer to keep them and there are always friendly arguments between father and son in regard of this topic.

It is an ideal present for all occasions; being graceful and unique. In addition, you can buy a stack for your own use; sitting in the drawing room smoking a piece every evening is worthwhile for the cigar-lovers.

Should you like something new, why don't you try the Toro, Davidoff Black Label with Nicaraguan Tobacco, which syncs well with the requirements of the major portion of the medium to advanced cigar smokers; the mixture of leather and nuts generates a mesmerizing aroma, which is all the more augmented by spices and black pepper.

The perfect place to enjoy a cigar from Davidoff of London is in opposite's restaurant Franco's, where they have 4 lovely tables outside; relaxing smoking your cigar, drink an espresso or cognac and watch the world pass by on Jermyn Street, the men fashion street in London.
  • Davidoff of London – Best Cigar Shop in London
  • Davidoff of London – Best Cigar Shop in London
  • Davidoff of London – Best Cigar Shop in London

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