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Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market

Originally built in 1830, the market was gradually added to over the years to become what it is today featuring a range of smaller niche craft shops, cafes, bistros, craft markets, and an open space for a variety of street entertainers, musicians and artists to express their talents.

The indoor market offerings at Covent Garden include a traditional butchers, florist, family produce store, organic foods, bakery, rotisserie, seafood, cheeses ice creams, soups, and many more choices to suit every taste, season, and temperature! A range of cultural wares are always on sale as well including watercolours, photography, sketches and other bespoke crafts.

The outside offerings are as varied and vibrant with a range of producers and vendors invited by application to sell their wares during the summer and autumn months.

A range of events also take place in the proximity of Covent Garden Market, including everything from portable children’s entertainment to beer festivals and a variety of bespoke seasonal events led by the market’s vendors. Full listings are publicised in and around the market itself, and also often in local pubs and cafes within the complex.

The surrounding area also features a variety of other attractions, including the theatre district, Theatre Royal, London Transport, and the Royal Opera House, and is within easy walking distance of other London attractions such as Trafalgar Square, Aldwych and Leicester Square and the West End.

Covent Garden is served by its own London Underground station located towards the northern end of the plaza, and the station is served by the Picadilly Line. For those visitors looking for something slightly different, the area is also served by rickshaw taxis.

King Street, London
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