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Supersonic Private Jets

Supersonic Private Jets


Saving flying time for the UBER rich and highly paid executives makes sense - TIME IS MONEY! No wonder there is a huge interest and anticipation of the first supersonic private jet reducing flying time from Europe to New York to 3 hours.

Aerion who teamed up with Airbus says their AS2 will fly at Mach 1.6 (1,217 mph). The newly deisgned wings reduce overall drag by 20%, allowing for lower fuel consumption and longer range. The 30-foot-long cabin should seat up to 12 passengers in business class comfort. Estimated price is more than USD 100 million.

Aerion was founded in 2002 by Texas billionaire Robert Bass and their objective is to certify the world's first supersonic business jet in 2021.

Another project is the Spike Aerospace S-512 and they claim to be the first supersonic business jet, too. However, the cost is estimated at USD 60 to 80 million, a bargain compared to Aerion's AS2. The engineers who have perviously worked for Airbus, Gulfstream and Bombardier are designing a ultra luxury private jet with a 40 feet long cabin and without windows.The whole cabin wall will have embedded displays and cameras surrounding the entire aircraft will construct impressive panoramic views in the plane.





  • Supersonic Private Jets
  • Supersonic Private Jets
  • Supersonic Private Jets

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