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Become an Online Journalist

Become an Online Journalist

We have recently gone online with our website and are looking for volunteer/interns as ONLINE JOURNALISTS for following topics:

- Fashion
- Automobile
- Technology (Computing, Mobiles and other gadgets)
- Celebrity Gossips
- News
- Business
- Sports
- Lifestyle & Luxury
- Music
- Restaurants
- Bars
- Clubs
- Places to go in London
- Museums & Attractions

You can register on our website, click on the category you are interested in such as Fashion Blog, click on SUBMIT A LISTING, choose CATEGORY/SUBCATEGORY, fill in the information and write your description/blog article and add pictures. One of our administrators will approve it and your article is published.

We might offer a permanent job for the contributors with the most viewed articles and for regular contributors, we are happy to write a working reference for your CV on request.

Furthermore, for regular and approved contributors, we can issue a Press ID that you can attend events for free as a press member.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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