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‘The 39 Steps’ – Criterion Theatre

‘The 39 Steps’ – Criterion Theatre

‘The 39 Steps’ is arguably one of London’s most iconic and traditional comedy plays which takes place at the Criterion Theatre, located at London’s West End. This classic tale of mystery coupled with adventure is laced with plenty of humor that can almost make you fall of your seat while you struggle to contain your fits of laughter. Based on the novel penned by John Buchanan, this play had its theatrical release in the year 1935 which was directed by the acclaimed British film director, Alfred Hitchcock. There are enough thrills in this play to keep you guessing till the end if you are planning to watch for the very first time.

The stage adaptation of ‘The 39 Steps’ features some of the finest actors in the London theatre circuit who impart life into the characters which they portray and make the audience believe that the are indeed watching a real life even take place before them and not just a bunch of actors who come together to enact pre-written scenes. People of all ages would live the play and you just won’t be content with yourself after watching it once on the big stage. The entire atmosphere in the theatre will make you feel riveted as you try to play the guessing game along with the audience in thinking what would happen next.

The play follows the exciting adventures of a striking protagonist named Richard Hannay who find himself trapped in an espionage plot after offering his help to a beautiful looking female agent who is on the run from a group of assassins who are trying to kills her for reasons unknown. The hero is every bit British with the trademark gung-ho associated with British people and a funny moustache as thin as a pencil. While on the run, he encounters ghastly murders, back stabbing secret agents and gorgeous women.

The special highlight of this stage show is that all the 139 roles featured in it are played by only 4 actors and this proves beyond doubt how versatile and fearless they are. Apart from generous servings of humor, you can also expect to delight yourself with plenty of daredevil action sequences that will keep you asking for more. Some of the noteworthy action sequences include the likes of the chase featuring the Flying Scotsman, the escape act performed at the Forth Bridge, the finale depicted at the London Palladium and the first ever bi-plane crash to have been featured in a stage show.

With a running time of close to 100 minutes, this play offers full value for your money and you will feel your adrenaline racing with every death defying stunt and also feel the audience gasp at the sheer brilliance of what is unfolding on the stage. Ticket prices start at 15 pounds per adult and go all the way up to 50 pounds if you want the best seats. Go catch this critically admired play that has cast a spell on its audience before you miss out on the opportunity.

Criterion Theatre, 218 – 223 Piccadilly Circus, London, W1J 0TR
+44 (0)20 7839 8811
  • ‘The 39 Steps’ – Criterion Theatre
  • ‘The 39 Steps’ – Criterion Theatre

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