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London Transport Museum and Depot

London Transport Museum and Depot

London Transport Museum and Depot

London Transport Museum was established in 1980, while in 2000 it was expanded to a broader name Transport for London. In London the concept of Underground Station is an old one which is still very popular for local residence and tourists. Due to the high cost of fuel, parking fee and narrow roads Underground Stations are highly popular. London transport has been the symbol of UK like even today London Black Taxi or Double Decker Bus in red color are well known throughout the world who ever visited London ones in his life time, so London transport is even today the landmark of UK. Altogether there are two museums

1. London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum is also known as Convent garden as it is situated inside the Convent Garden. The structure of the building is a fabulous one which was initially designed for a flower market in 1871 by William Rogers but by 1971 flower market was closed. Since 1980 museum has been established here. For 2 Years from 2005 to 2007 museum remained close for renovation at a cost of £22 million by Bryan Avery. After 2007 it has expanded the display of all forms of Britain transportation forms with outstanding facilities and services for visitors; few of them are as follow:-

• Ramp / lift access to all galleries
• Picnic area
• Wheelchairs for disabled
• Baby changing room and Baby feeding room

Altogether there are three floors of Museum in which you may discover a lot of interesting things. Let me tell in accordance to their respective level numbers
• Level 0: Various compartments are made like On Surface 1900-1945, On Surface after 1945, Display of ancient vehicles, detailed history of Undergrounds. Along with Shop, Café and Toilets
• Level 1: Level is divided in different sections such as Steam Underground 1863-1905, Progress in Suburbs, Children Interactive area, Outdoor Gallery with Mezzanine and Info Point.
• Level2: Entire floor denoted to 19th Century


2. London Transport Museum Depot

London Transport Museum Depot is located at Acton. Basically, it provides a storage to items that are not displayed at its parent museum in Convent Garden. Approximately it covers 6000 square meter area which safely store all items related to transportation that are not required at main museum. Altogether it is equipped with 370,000 items including poster, photographs, signs, sketches of engineers and uniforms. Even enormous buses, trams, trolleybuses, rail rolling stock are stored here which could be easily moved in-between Convent garden museum and Depot through a rail network inside depot connecting parent museum.

London Transport Museum Depot is not opened all around the year for public but only on some occasions access to public is permitted although it holds every facility needed to operate it throughout the year. Tourist shall be very lucky if they come on themed weekends which occur normally two to three times a year when visitors are allowed to have a look at large amount of collection including as old as 1938 ancient locomotives that were used in UK.

Many people contributed for the development of Museum but in my eyes the founder of such a great Idea to protect the heritage of Britain shall go to London General Omnibus Company (LGOC). After all in early 20th century London General Omnibus Company (LGOC) started purchasing the vehicles that were retired from operation.

London Transport Museum Covent Garden Piazza London WC2E 7BB
+44 (0)20 7565 7299

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