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Internet World 2014 London

Internet World 2014 London

Internet World 2014 is said to take over London June 17-19, 2014. There are many websites counting down to the overwhelming event and preparing for the experience that is going to be organized in London. Internet World has been offering this event each year for over twenty years. The Internet World experience is put together with the goal of finding a way to bring the digital community together to increase the chances of further development. They do this by gearing the experience towards education. It is said to be the only experience on Earth that offers social media, eCommerce, cloud and hosting, content management, digital marketing, and mobile products and services all in one event. This particular event is meant for CMO’s, CEO’s, and Marketing directors that are said to be responsible for guiding their businesses in an intended direction.

For individuals who have attended Internet World events before, it might prove useful to know that for Internet World 2014, the venue will be held at London’s Excel. Internet World 2014 will also be joined with The Big Data Show for the first time, truly enhancing the data and education experience. A big draw of adding The Big Data Show to the experience is to help different businesses understand how they can truly maximize their data utilization in order to reach their ultimate potential. These two events joined together may be the ultimate learning experience that can take a business to the next level. The venue has been changed due to the atmosphere and wider community available in the new location. A little insight has been given to the announcement of UBM Live offering a content-driven affair. The content-driven affair, now known as Interop London, will be geared towards professional education concerning issues with today’s businesses to include, enterprise mobility, cloud computing, storage and security, and network infrastructure. With these three events put together, it will create the ultimate foundation of information geared towards driving this industry forward into the next decade. This will prove to be the ultimate experience for businesses that have not quite figured out how to hit the information mark needed to advance further. The event may prove to be just the thing needed to achieve the next step and effectively network, so the business owner attending has the opportunity to gain a relationship with a business leader that already has a handle on optimal technology usage.

One key point about Internet World 2014 may be the fact that the experience is free for business professionals. This means that business professionals of different levels may attend the event free of cost and gain information that may never last. Apart from this information, it is a priceless opportunity to gain the privilege to meet, greet and establish relationships with individuals that may prove to be influential in the future business ventures. Who knows the opportunity that may present itself because of a warm handshake or a minute conversation which may initiate a relationship that never lasts? Internet World 2014 is a priceless event that is proving to be even more influential following the big move to the East side.

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