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Top 10 best-selling vehicles in 2013

Top 10 best-selling vehicles in 2013

There are dozens of automobile brands and manufacturers who operate from different parts of the world and every year new vehicle models are being launched in order to capitalize on the growing need for consumers to have their own medium of transportation. In 2013, the general trend was that pickups and SUVs where the most highly after vehicle types. Let us now take a look at the top 10 vehicles that were the best-sellers of 2013.

• Starting with the 10th position, we have the Ford Escape crossover occupying this position. Ford has always been known to come up with well-designed crossovers and this one is no different from its design principles as it offers compact and spacious interiors for being labeled as the perfect family vehicle.
• In the 9th position, we have Toyota’s redesigned Corolla. The Corolla has been the best-selling model for Toyota for several generations in a row and even in the previous year it was no different. With enhanced looks and features, it had all the weapons in its arsenal to become a best-seller.
• In the 8th position, we can find the Honda CR-V. The CR-V is Honda’s most popular SUV model and it sells hundreds of thousands of this model each year. It is a true value for money vehicle and there is no doubt that it appeals to a wide range of consumers.
• Lying in the 7th position, we have the Nissan Altima. This model from the Japanese automobile giant had the looks and the features to emerge as one of the most sold sedans all over the world. It continued to do well in several global markets just as how it had been doing all these years.
• At the 6th position, we have the Honda Civic. Honda brand vehicles are synonymous with top quality and luxury which are offered at competitive prices and the Civic is the perfect example of this. Every year, it receives a couple of new tweaks and it continues to be the most anticipated vehicles from the stables of Honda every year.
• The 5th position is occupied by Chrysler’s Ram 1500 pickup truck. This raw and mean machine has killer looks and performs extremely well in tough conditions. Also, it offers excellent mileage for its category making it a top class performer year after year.
• The 4th position goes to the Honda Accord and this is the 3rd model from Honda which figures in this list and this shows how strong the brand is internationally. Aimed at the luxury segment, Honda’s Accord brings the latest in technology to make your travelling void of any hassles.
• The 3rd position goes to Toyota Camry. Another car for the luxury segment, you can’t go wrong with the Camry as it steals the show wherever it goes.
• The 2nd spot is taken by the Chevrolet Silverado, a pickup truck. With a new design and feature list, the Silverado had the right ingredients to make a strong impression in the markets it was sold and it didn’t disappoint at all.
• The number one slot, for more than three decades in a row, goes to the Ford F-series pickups. These vehicles are sturdy and they have proven themselves worthy of being awarded the title of the best-selling vehicle in the world on numerous occasions without a doubt.

  • Top 10 best-selling vehicles in 2013
  • Top 10 best-selling vehicles in 2013

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