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Wi-Fi in London Tube Network

Wi-Fi in London Tube Network

The city of London, in its bid to bring internet access to the common man, had put in motion an ambitious plan of offering Wi-Fi connection to all those who are travelling by the underground tube network. Thanks to the efforts undertaken by Virgin Media, one of the largest cellphone carriers of London, it is now possible for Londoners and tourists to enjoy Wi-Fi while they travel by the underground network of train stations. The implementation of this plan has proved to be a major success as millions of people are expected to benefit from it on a daily basis.

The London Tube is the heart of the city’s transport network and it offers an efficient way for people to get around the city easily and quickly. As such, enhancing the amenities being offered in the Tube stations was seen as an ideal way to encourage people to make use of public transport instead of them being dependent on their own vehicles to move from one place to another. Hence, the tie up with Virgin Media by the London Tube has resulted in close to 120 Tube stations getting Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows people to stay connected to the internet even when travelling in the Tube and not miss out on the latest news and social media websites.

If you are already an existing Virgin Media customer, you can enjoy the Wi-Fi connectivity in tube stations along with your existing mobile plan without paying any extra money. If not, you can easily purchase passes from Virgin Media that allows you to access the Wi-Fi by paying money upfront. For example, you can buy daily passes, weekly passes and monthly passes based upon your internet usage. Daily passes start from two pounds and the monthly passes are priced at fifteen pounds. The Wi-Fi connectivity is spread across the entire station and it includes areas like escalators, ticket halls, platforms and walkways. The signal strength is excellent and you will always be connected no matter in which area you are located.

Recently, other carriers like O2, EE, Orange and T-Mobile have joined the bandwagon of carriers who are offering Wi-Fi to their customers in the Tube stations by entering into a tie up with Virgin Media to use their infrastructure. Customers of other carriers will be asked to register for the service before they can actually start using it. To know details about the stations that have Wi-Fi connectivity, you can visit the station guide found at the Virgin Media website. In future, more stations are expected to get added to the network and soon, every Tube station will have Wi-Fi which is surely going to be a matter of pride for the city of London as well as its inhabitants. It is not just the underground stations that are going to have Wi-Fi, but also the Overground stations numbering 50 that will also get this feature. This is possible due to the collaboration with ‘The Cloud’ that is operated by the BSkyB company.

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  • Wi-Fi in London Tube Network
  • Wi-Fi in London Tube Network

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