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Barbecoa – Jamie Oliver

Barbecoa – Jamie Oliver

The food capital of the world had to incorporate one of the world’s favorite food types somehow. London now has a place to go to in order to enjoy this treat that many people absolutely love. The type of food is basic meat consumed with smoke and fire achieving the amazing transformation that is what we know as barbeque.
The new restaurant of choice in London is Barbecoa. Barbecoa was founded by Jamie Oliver and the idea has been collaborated with Adam Perry Lang that has been found to be definitely worth the trip. This is the place to go when visiting London to experience the perfect slice of tender slow fire-cooked meat. To gain the sought after taste, people utilize Texas pit smokers, fire pits, tandoors, Robata grills, and wood-fired ovens. They also have butchers in house in order to pick and perfectly slice their cuts of meat to optimize the customer experience. Barbecoa uses fresh unique ingredients to bring forth the experience that makes up the new and upcoming restaurant. Reviews state that Barbecoa consistently provides excellent service and amazing food, particularly meat. They have unique fire side dishes to include desert treats that will have your mouth watering for days, weeks or even months to come as well. Barbecoa is also a sought after experience because of its amazing view which offers a view top of the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.
When Barbecoa first opened, they had a few missteps mostly dealing with the issues concerning reservations and some of the sides and appetizers, but to date they have corrected many of these things and they are thriving in the London atmosphere. What they have not corrected is that they have made up to provide professional level of service. Barbecoa now offers that slow cooked meat slathered with thick marmalade that is expected of a delicious barbecue plate and they have settled in as an upcoming landmark tourists look forward to visiting when they embark on a journey leading to what is known as the “Food Capital of the World.” That being said, it is amazing to find something that is not offered in the beautiful city, but before Barbecoa, great barbeque was one of the missing treats in the land of love and happiness. London is known for many things, but Barbecoa gives it a new reason to buzz.
The success of Barbecoa is said to be in the owner’s hands, because they have the perfect location, an excellent atmosphere and the needed buzz to keep people flooding through the doors. Barbacoa had a fire in September of 2013, but they have been said to have bounced back immediately, with the fire resulting in no injuries. If Barbecoa continues on the current path they are on, there is no doubt telling that how quickly they can successful in the industry. Now that Barbecoa has opened its doors, this statement has become wonderfully true. Meat is the all star in this amazing venue. Whoever thought London would be the place to go to for amazing barbeque?

20 New Change, Greater London EC4M 9AG, United Kingdom
+44 20 3005 8555
  • Barbecoa – Jamie Oliver
  • Barbecoa – Jamie Oliver
  • Barbecoa – Jamie Oliver
  • Barbecoa – Jamie Oliver

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