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New London Taxi – Nissan NV200

New London Taxi – Nissan NV200

“Designed in London, for London” is how the new Nissan NV200 van-based London taxi has been tag lined by Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer. With its electric version expected to be revealed sometime in 2015, the Nissan’s new taxi cab will hit the London roads by December 2014. The redesigning of its shape from the front is one of the major talking points along with the introduction of gasoline engine, which is unlike its predecessors having been installed with diesel engines.

The design room activity was focusing on and carrying out in-depth analysis of the customers’ feedback and the unlike cab look of the previous model was a significant point highlighted. So, what all measures were taken by the designers to meet the customers’ requirements? Bumper has been reshaped, owing to the fact that an angular-shaped headlamp used in the previous Nissan has been replaced with circular ones. The front chrome grille with Black background gives classier and contemporary look rather than an old school and conventional one. The “Taxi” sign on the rooftop is lit with LEDs, helping to overcome the dimmed signage used earlier and making it more elaborate, prominent and bright. The panoramic glass view in the rooftop makes the experience of the new London Taxi more versatile and refreshing. The rear sliding doors now offer more space when opened to make room for the disabled / wheel-chair ridden customers. The interior has been made cozier with the introduction of new comfortable seats. The wider track of the new Nissan indicates at availability of more interior space. However, the main luggage place is beside the driver in the front.
The change in the technical specifications is yet another feature to be highlighted. Unlike the previous diesel powered Nissan vans, the new London taxi has been powered by 1.6 liter gasoline and automatic transmission, with a purpose of lesser NO emissions. With the emissions regulations implemented, it is being believed that the diesel powered will soon be made off road and Nissan aims at hitting the cab market at the right time, making this unchartered territory completely theirs. The steering wheel as well as the driver’s seat, both is adjustable giving drivers a new view beyond the conventional drivers’ horizon.

Encompassing all its new features, the new Nissan NV200 taxi is believed to be priced around £30,000 as compared to standard London cab which is priced around £33000. The pricing clearly indicates that Nissan is aiming to give more additional features in its new London Taxi at a price lesser than the standard London cab with more conventional looks and tech features. Also the announcement of an all-electric van by 2015 is what promises Nissan probable unrivalled territory for their upcoming models.

Distinctive, elegant, classy and yet more advanced and spacious, the new Nissan NV200 London cab is all to look forward to by the end of the year. Having been designed on the drivers’ feedback, surely its going be the same group of people who should be the best judge of what it has to offer.

1055 Wharncliffe Road South, London, ON N6L 1J9

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