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Barclaycard British Summer Time at Hyde Park 2014

Barclaycard British Summer Time at Hyde Park 2014

Hyde Park is one of the iconic places where numerous concerts and like events have taken place in the past, precisely since 1969. Barclaycard British Summer time at Hyde Park is a valuable addition to this legendary place in London. Barclay card undertook this collaboration to help its customers spend less time buying tickets and more for entertainment.

The highlight of the 2013 was a unique and classy 10 day event that entertained around 350,000 fans in London. The likes of legendary Bon Jovi, Lionel Richie and the Rolling Stones are the few to be named that performed live on back to back weekends. The events were ticketed.

The New Year has promised yet again other diverse events including live performances on weekends with weekdays offering various small events like film, literature, sports activity and a family day which shall be enhancing the views of the family members on different genres. Highlight acts according to its website are the newly formed musical group Mcbusted along with the special guests and all-time favorites The Backstreet Boys will be at Hyde Park on 6 July 2014. Week later, performances from Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young and Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse who is known for its stage shows performances of female dancers. Barclay card has made pre-sale tickets for these events available before they are open for general sale.

Just like 2013 where sumptuous meals at their flagship restaurant Bocca di Lupo, quick bite at farmers market was available, foodies should all gear up for yet another feisty and festive 10 day summer experience this year as well. With details yet to be disclosed, Barclaycard British Summer time at Hyde Park looks to be promising and worth spending time and money.

Being located centrally, it is highly recommended to use public transport or walk to the Hyde Park if possible in order to avoid traffic jams. Also, the central location of the Hyde Park serves general public with all the available transport services making a stop around the general area. Hence, it shall be more easy and viable option to avail the public transport.

There is information hubs placed around the event site in order to help the visitors to locate the exact location of the mini or the main event they want to attend.

Barclaycard British Summer Time is offering a number of opportunities for people who want to get relaxed from their tiring routine and who are visiting London for the first time and want to know culture of London within one place. Barclaycard British Summer Time theatre requires you to visit it at least once in your life in order to know why it has been so famous and preferable among all.
Overall, it has attained a status of dynamic and diverse village where families can have fun, sort the activities out and enjoy the summer time in the heart of London. Barclaycard British Summer Time at Hyde Park lives up to the desired standard for what it promises to offer.

Westminster, London W2 2UH, United Kingdom
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