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Where can I find a Babysitter in London?

Where can I find a Babysitter in London?

Where can I find Babysitting in London?

The Babysitting London Company wants to make your search for a sitter easy and stress free. They want your child or children to like and enjoy the babysitter and want to spend time with her. The babysitters are highly qualified, interviewed, and must pass a CRB (criminal record bureau) check.

Is There a Fee?

The Babysitting London is a subscription based company. The fee per month for an individual sit is not part of the subscription. There is a flat ₤5.00 commitment though. The subscription starts for up to three (3) babysits for one month is ₤12.00 per month.
For unlimited babysits is ₤20.00 per month.

How are the Babysitter Paid?

The babysitters are paid by you rather than Babysitting London. It is recommended that the babysitters are paid a minimum of ₤20.00 per session or ₤7.50 per hour whichever is more.

Is There a Refund Policy?

The Babysitting London Company has a strict refund policy if the babysitter does not work out. They are not held responsible for any damage or personal injury. See their website for more information about restrictions.

How does Babysitting London work?

You simply call, text, or send an e-mail with the times and dates you need a babysitter.
The Babysitting London Company will call you to confirm that one can be provided. They will interview you to discuss what your family needs. If you need someone to help your child or children with their homework, a proper babysitter can be found. The babysitter can help cook meals or work with special needs. The babysitter is one who will suit all your needs.

The babysitters will be responsible and reliable. They are well educated. Once the perfect person is found to meet your needs, Babysitting London Company will get in touch with you 24 hours before the appointment date and time to provide you with the detail of the babysitter.

The First Meeting…

It is recommended that you allow at least an hour before leaving to talk and spend time with the new babysitter. This will allow your and the child or children to adjust and become comfortable together.

After you Return…

Babysitting London will contact you shortly after your babysitting appointment to discuss how things went. The Company tries to set you up with the same person each time so you do not have to reintroduce your child or children to strangers.

Babysitting London is an online service
020 3368 3082
available 24 hours a day

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