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London Dungeon

London Dungeon
London Dungeon

If you have any idea of British history then you must be aware about the cruelty that existed in Britain during the ancient times. Well London Dungeon was built in 1974 as a museum about the level of cruelty that has occurred in the past at Britain. For mature people who were curious to know the history of ancient UK for them the museum was full of knowledge, hence it was an interesting place for them. However kids and teens for which museum might be as boring as the history subject they study in schools.

After 39 years operation at Tooley Street near London Bridge it was closed on 31st January 2013. By March 2013 London Dungeon moved next to London Eye at the Country hall of south bank. In a very short period of time it has become one the favourite spot for tourists, kids, teens and adults due to the adventurous concept introduced where friends and families can go to have lots of fun.

It’s no more boring museum but a place full of joy and little fear. As soon as you enter London dungeon you shall be taken back 10 decades. Yes 1000 years back! Different characters shall appear who would try to scare or entertain you. Professionally trained actors and actresses in costumes and make up will make sure you enjoy every second during your journey to the ancient times.

It never mean you would only have fun but won’t attain any knowledge because they will tell you stories of cruelty that occurred in Britain at old times. Surely in an entertaining way so you won’t get bored instead you will gain knowledge and amusement all simultaneously. You may even regard London Dungeon as an interactive museum. Moreover different plays shall be done in which you will be encouraged to participate too instead of old concept of just sitting on seats with popcorn in hands and watching the actors performing. Some common plays are ‘The Torturer’, ‘The Plague Doctor’ and ‘The Judge’. So get ready to stand behind the judge in court to hear the punishment for yourself.
Two great rides shall be waiting for you in London Dungeon, which shall take you through various different scenes and please be prepared to get wet on the rides as you might be attacked with water. Some people might be annoyed when they get wet. Therefore I shall suggest them not to go to London Dungeon as it is only for cool and low tempered people.
Altogether there are 18 shows in which 20 actors shall be performing in a dark place with special sounds and effects. Very small kids might get afraid due to darkness and screams from nearby people so it is advised not to take them with you until they grow a little more. At the end you may even get hands on your surprising pictures, which were captured secretly by London Dungeon cameras. By the way don’t forget to visit the shop because it has very interesting things that you won’t find anywhere else except their 8 other branches throughout Europe.

The London Dungeon Riverside Building County Hall Westminster Bridge Road London SE1 7PB
0871 423 224
  • London Dungeon

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