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Panchmarhi- The queen of Satpura

Panchmarhi- The queen of Satpura

Panchmari (India)

Panchmari, with its flawless national treasures standing up on the hills of Madhya Pradesh. Its mighty hills are star studded with natural waterfalls and scenic beauty stand at its galore in Panchmari. For years, Panchmari has been romancing the nature lovers offering them the best of visual sceneries that this place has in offer.

As of experts, the Pandevs were traversing through Panchmari and were so much enchanted by its natural beauty that they decided to stay here. The sandstone made Pandev caves stand witness to this fact till date. Panchmari was basically developed as a resort under the British Rule. The presence of local churches and its related architecture are the indication of British interest in this place. One of the most talked about churches is the Christ Church.

Apart from churches, local Hindu temples and places of religious observance and influence are also few places for the tourists to visit.

The rock painting by cavemen at DhuanDar also attracts the attraction of tourists, depicting the vintage beliefs and ideas.

Sitting beside the natural waterfalls in Panchmari’s youthful spring season is a divine experience in itself. The most popular of these waterfalls is the Bee Falls which are famous for people taking bath under its naturally flowing water. The fairy Pool is a unique picnic spot perfect to spend a typical spring afternoon, whereas the Big Falls offers a tracking adventure experience, culminating at the top of a hill.

The sunset point is the highest of the Satpura Range, providing spectacular views of the neighboring ranges. The presence of wildlife spread over vast square kilometers further enhances the experience of the tourists.

When price is not an issue, then Hotel Rock End Manor is a sure stop for tourists. A luxury offered in the middle of Satpura Ranges. Satpura Retreat, Panchvati Cottages, Amaltas are other few places to spend a couple of nights here. Tourists keep pouring in throughout the year at Panchmari. The nearest airport to this place is Bhopal, and the nearest railway station is Piparia. Bhopal and Chindwara are the best options for those who opt to travel by road.

Indian typical food is easily available at Panchmari. However, the specialty is extravagant Guajarati and delightful Maharashtra food. The alcoholic drinks and other beverages are also easily available. The local honey is one unique item that one should purchase from this, originality and taste undoubted.

Over the years, Panchmari have attracted many a tourists to the heart of Satpura Ranges. Its natural waterfalls, wildlife experience, rich Gujarati food, romantic scenic beauty and poetic evenings are charming and celestial. Standing witness to early British Rule with Churches and manners, Hindu shrines and other places of religious affairs, this place is an amalgamation of history, natural beauty, and picturesque sunsets with accessibility of luxurious comforts in the heart of devilish cliffs and waterfalls.

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, India
(07578) 252029

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