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Young Fashion Designer – Kelly Shaw

Young Fashion Designer – Kelly Shaw

Fashion designing is the art of coupling the design and aesthetics in a way that it appears to please to the eye. Fashion designing is in common, related to clothing and apparels. It also shares a strong bond with the accessories. Fashion design takes its roots in the culture in which it is born and bred. The diversity and versatility showcased by the cult design is the definition of that culture to the whole world. It is in its distinctive nature that it varies with time and inclusion of the modern and trendy social norms.

Fashion is now a worldly affair, one of the strongest markets of the present times. Innovative trends, mind boggling aesthetics and creative designs by the designers not only introduces new creations to the fashion world but also enables designers to make a name for them. It is the art of defining the trend that helps a fashion designer to take a leap taking them well beyond the deep rooted. Fashion designers have displayed the ability to inspire the whole world with their latest ensembles being showcased and followed worldwide. France, UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Belgium are few countries that have made it big on the world fashion platform. Talk of UK, London may be recognized as its federal capital as well as the fashion capital.

London has never run short of fashion designers. Its cult of the fashion industry is crowded with young upcoming and creative designers. Kelly Shaw is surely one of the very best young talents that the fashion industry has in its foray. She resonates passion, innovation and seditiousness in a unique distinctive way. She has adopted the knack of being rebellious in her presentation of designs and themes in all the seasons’ collections.

Her website is tag lined with the quote “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything”. This quote suits her style statement and designs ideas that are brought to the real world in its purest possible form. Her designs speak for themselves. The distinguishing style of her design statement is radical in nature. She lays stress on the fact of connecting the history of the past with future of the present through her designs. Sassiness and insurrection are some of the themes associated with her acclaimed collections. She has exclusively designed by taking influence from certain causes and mass movements. These include the likes of Occupy movement, London Riots, etc. she, in her own words, is always fascinated and charmed by ruins and mischiefs which gives us a deep insight into her mythical persona. Her last spring / summer collection stood as a symbol of a rebellion woman. The clothing line spoke for itself taking influence from the Occupy Movement.

Kelly Shaw is a designer of her own class. While the other may find the latest designs trendy, she gives birth to her own trend in her latest designs.

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