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Sea-Life Aquarium London

Sea-Life Aquarium London

The deep-water experience is well acclaimed for its romantic interaction with nature in the closest proximity of divine presence. The Sea Life London Aquarium, sited on the River Thames' southern bank, delivers this rich spiritual experience in its truest form. Sea Life London is the only place in the city that offers to celebrate the charms of nature by being in close vicinity of the underwater creatures. Close encounters with sharks, piranhas, jellyfish, octopus and the gentleness shared by turtles, fearsome crocodiles and seahorses are few out of as many as 1500 plus creatures that Sea Life houses.

The Sea Life is generally projected as a conservation project, preserving those creatures that are placed on the endangered list of being extinguished from the face of the earth. Breeding, rescues, providing clean environments are the few features of the conservation aspect of this aquarium. A campaign for creating conservation zones is underway to help protect the marine life and its creatures from pollution and other toxic supplements bred to the rivers and oceans in and around the London city.

The place not only offers recreation but also serves the purpose of learning and educating young children about the marine life and the creature that belongs to them. Provision of arranged school trips fits in very well the children of such interest. Feeding demos, dive adventure, interactive sessions with the aquarium’s finest professionals coupled with self-guided teaching possessions makes the experience of Sea Life once in a lifetime. Sea Life also offers workshops and other exclusive tours like Undersea Britain, artistic creation with a marine theme, and interaction with animals when they are not available for public display, etc. Each activity is equally knowledgeable, interactive and collaborative.

The Sea Life is a walk in an underwater tunnel giving a real time experience of a heavenly meeting with underwater creatures. The ticketing is categorized in standard, combination and exclusive packages. The average price for a standard visit ranges from 25 pounds for 16 plus to free admission for children below the age of 3. The aquarium also proposes certain special offers, which include gold and silver package, each facilitating the visitors in its own unique way. The special offers also carry a discount voucher that can be utilized in the Sea Life gift shop.

Sea Life has made its name in different kinds of genres, as well. Hosting dinners, provision of arrangements for dinner and private events are the few listed here. The cleanliness is done all year round, but their annual cleaning event is one planned in a way that every pebble placed within the glasses of aquarium shines like a new one.

Sea Life Aquarium is one of those places that provide its visitors with a heavenly inspiration derived from the close interaction with underwater creatures. The aquarium brings life to those species that are in danger of being extinguished as part of their conservation plan, invites young and old for an in-depth learning of the underwater life through their school trips packages and workshops and events that are planned all year round. It can be stated that Sea Life Aquarium is the most entertaining and educational site that the city has to offer.

County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom
+44 871 663 1678

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