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E-Car Club London

E-Car Club London

E-car is a car rental service that offers hourly and weekly car rentals in a very cost-effective way. With an aim to maximize mobility and minimize carbon emissions, e-car club has made its name in the hearts of government officials as well as the general public.

The basic idea behind the raising of the e-car club was the introduction of electric vehicles for the commercial and the domestic purposes in a cost efficient manner.

Renault has been long working on the same projects for long to manufacture reliable, durable and powerful electric vehicles with a minimal environmental influence.

Expectations are always very high from top auto brand, so they are in this case of electric vehicles offered by the e-car club, Renault Zoe and Renault Fluence according to the press release by transport minister on the launch of the e-car, first of its kind in UK. 

Covering an area of 19.77 square kilometres, London Borough of Tower Hamlets is the area where e-car club is being associated with, said to accommodate as many as 9000 homes in the area. Residents of this London Borough will be the first users of the electric vehicle, which is being launched by Renault.

The launch has been attributed to support the aim of the government to reduce carbon emissions, less expenditure on purchase and use of gasoline.

The press release also laid stress on the release of 500 million pounds in the shape of funds to support the governmental cause of low carbon consumption.

The list of esteemed guests on the eve of the press conference comprised of dignitaries and technical professionals such as government officials, professionals associated to Renault, members of the e-car club.

E-car club offers more affordable solution in owning a car as compared to its gasoline-powered alternatives. With a concept of no-tank deeply rooted in the investment of the e-car club, the overall cost analysis defines a very less cost per mile as compared to its alternative supplements.

London, being highly polluted and well above the legal limits, will be helped by the e-car launch reducing the polluted emissions by 50 – 75 kg annually.

This surely will not only help in lessening the pollution but also minimize the hazardous factors affecting the health of the local public. 

The press release also unleashed the English vision of making it a capital of Europe in terms of electric vehicle usage. In the same regards, the e-car club has been modelled to bring this revolutionary transition from fuelled vehicles to electric vehicles in totality. 

The introduction of the electric car club for domestic purposes is a bright, innovative and constructive step with an intention of minimizing the car emissions to the maximum, helping build a healthier environment. The idea incorporates the use of two models by Renault, with no gasoline tank and plug-ins for electric power.

The quiet and sophisticated nature of the electric car is suggested to be fruitful in the long run of sustaining the environment of the country

14 Marshalsea Road,London,SE1 1HL
+44 (0) 20 3603 2259

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