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Dover Street Market – London

Dover Street Market – London

Dover Street Market London is a must for the shopaholics to visit. With all the arts and museums that London city is famous for, Dover Street Market is itself artistic in outlook, unique in experience and relaxing place to visit. The six-story market houses all the famous brands for both men and women.

Some famous clothing brands include Givenchy, YSL, Alaia, etc. It houses certain specialists items as well including DSM special tote bags, DSM label printed tees, rounded off by special DSM London underground tees as part of their exclusive offers. Comme Des Garcons signature perfumes and patchwork metal wallets are exclusively available at DSM London.

The presence of thematic and vintage jewellery outlets is an added attraction for women to pay their visit and shop their heart out. Collections from contemporary and edgy jewellery designer are given spaces on the ground floor.

Since it encompasses the brands only, the pricing of the items is surely very high, but that does not take away an iota of linkage between the market and its visitor. In fact going to this place for the sake of window-shopping is a rich five star experience in itself.

The design layout, as well as, interior decor gives this six-story coliseum an old vibe from the inside yet resonating the modern themes and collections from the outside.

The offshoot of the Rose Bakery in the top floor offers an extra delightful touch, insisting its visitors and shoppers to go through the complete mall and end the visit relaxing with a cup of coffee on its top floor. It is pertinent to highlight that Rose Bakery is also antique in its outlook while using a very contemporary cutlery to give a similar vibe as that of the complete market.

The DSM London also offers its customers an e-shopping experience via where customers can actually have a look at the updated collection of all the available brands and can come easily knowing their desired product is available in stock. The website also offers news to its customers about the new spaces allotted to any new brands if any and opening-closing time and days.

Presently, DSM London is planning bi-annual renewal of clothing for which the store generally remains close to give time and space for the all the brands to relinquish their collections and prepare for the post-holiday season.

With an inspiring theme for the fashion students, a unique CDG fragrance all over and vintage theme implemented from ground to the top, unique and distinctive artistry depicted across all the outlets, the Dover Street Market London is worth a place to spend your day.

17-18 Dover St, London W1S 4LT, United Kingdom
+44 20 7518 0680

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