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Design Museum London

Design Museum London

Design Museum London is a piece of art in itself set up in a 1940s warehouse on the southern bank of River Thames. The museum is famous for its sundry and unique hosting of various exhibitions of products, business graphics, clothing line and latest designs in the field of architecture. There is no surpassing the collection of this museum which is known as the Mecca to design and production.

The triple story building is under the supervision of Deyan Sudjic. The entrance to the museum, unlike other famous museums in the city, is not free since the museum has not been funded by the UK art council. The museum operates in the form of charity which consumes all the profits in running and hosting more exhibitions. The museum has kicked off the New Year by showcasing the work of witty line by Paul Smith.
The museum is not big in size as compared to other great museums in the London. Although the building is old in construction and design, its first floor offers the largest space within the space. Its small size is one reason that the exhibitions are always changing frequently. It has a separate space in between the first and the second floor, known as the Design Museum Space, which is not accessible to the general public. This space is utilized for learning purposes for the young and upcoming designers. Talks on the contemporary art and architecture are also held here. The ground floor accommodates the gift shop and the café which is quite famous amongst the locals.

The museum has been funded heavily with an aim to be shifted in the west London to a site which is larger in space and newer in design. The authorities believe that the complete setup at the new location will be ready by the end of this year.

The prestige of the place can be graded by hosting events like the Designer of the Year awards event and later the Designs of the Year awards. Designer of the year was held for 4 years after which it was terminated, and since 2008, Design of the Year is being hosted, held in high esteem by all alike. The award was also accompanied by a prize of 25000 pound cash prize.

The exhibitions at Design Museum are known for their well-crafted themes, thought provoking designs in all genres that it hosts and is home to the top designers in the industries it caters for in its exhibitions. The Wi-Fi facility, like most of the outlets in the present times, keeps the users busy and helps promote the event through social media sites.

Design Museum has earned itself name in the field of architecture, fashion and business graphic. It serves the purpose of a place for holding exhibitions as well as a learning platform for new, young and upcoming designers. It is also called as home of new designs in the field of architecture.

County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom
+44 871 663 1678

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