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Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

You might know that Royal family own at Buckingham Palace in London, but do you know interesting things about the palace, which are as follow:

- St. James's Palace is used for ceremonies while Buckingham Palace is an official residential palace of the royal family
- The palace has altogether 775 rooms containing 19 Staterooms, 92 Offices, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 78 Bathrooms and 188 Staff bedrooms.
- It is 108 meters long, 120 meter wide and 40 meter high. Whereas a total space area is 77,000 square meters
- From 1603 to 1625, King James held it as mulberry garden; however, silk production never started here
- In 1703 Grand, London house was built as Duke of Buckingham
- In 1761 nearby to the St James Palace George III presented the palace to his queen so it was regarded as Queen House.
- John Nash turned a Buckingham house into Buckingham Palace in 1820 under George IV
- First time Queen Victoria used the Buckingham Palace as an official residential palace in 1837
- Buckingham Palace is an office and residential place for the queen where 800 workers are employed
- Some uncommon professions hired in the palace are fender smith, clockmaker, and flagman
- Since 1911, changing of the guard at forecourt began in order to honour Queen Victoria
- In 1913, Sir Aston Webb turned the black facade of the palace, with shining white Portland stone
- The balcony is a very popular one as Queen came on to a balcony first time in 1851 in a grand exhibition.
- To cater the needs of growing family queen Victoria added the east wing in 1840
- It takes six weeks until all 760 windows in the palace are cleaned
- The palace has 1514 doors
- In 1883 first time wiring of electricity was done in the Ballroom, while in-between 1883-1887 throughout the palace. Today it has around 40000 led
- A few rooms have furniture and décor that reflect the Chinese theme
- A massive garden of 40 acres comprises of a helicopter landing site, tennis court, lake along with 30 species of birds and 350 wild flower types out of which many are the rare ones
- The garden is used for summer parties and a few other events like tennis competition in 2000 for charity raising, music concert in 2002 and kids’ party in 2006 where many cartoon characters of book amused the kids
- Edward IV was the only king, who born and die in the Buckingham Palace (1841-1910)
- Brief details about birth and death of a person in the royal family is attached to a railing for everyone to read as a tradition
- In 1914, two women chained themselves at the railing of the palace in order to seek vote for women's rights
- During Second World War 2, nine bombs were thrown in palace; however, George IV and Elizabeth were lucky enough to survive
- On 8 March 1941 north side of a palace was destroyed by bombarding where a police officer named Steve Robertson also died, hence to honour his braveness plaque is set in the garden.
- Combined Heat and power unit, led and double glazed skylights are used to minimize energy usage. Moreover, 99 per cent of green wastage is processed on the site of the palace
- Archbishop of Canterbury Christianized four royal kids Prince of Wales, Princess Royal, Duke of York, and Prince William in the music room of palace
- A gigantic palace is equipped with a chapel, swimming pool, cinema, post office, surgery room, and cafeteria for workers.
- The Buckingham Palace postcode is SW1A-1AA.

London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom
+44 20 7930 4832
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