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Harrods is the biggest department store in entire Europe with 330 departments covering an area of 5 acres at Knightsbridge. Harrods is successfully operating since 1834 and on peak days, customers may exceed 300,000.

The departmental store is famous for selling superior quality items on a selling space of one million square feet. It has almost everything you need like clothing, jewellery, watches, accessories, beauty products, electronics, gifts, food, furniture, housewares, gold bullion, toys, and various other products of high-class brands.

Few services offered by the store are:


Urban Retreat: On fifth, floor various beauty houses, therapists rooms shall be waiting for you to provide pampering services with serenity at 20000 square foot area. 

The Refinery: Now male may even acquire the services of barbering, skincare, body care, spa treatment, and massages in a premium atmosphere

Personal Shopping

Loyal and significant customers of Harrods may appoint a specialized person to give professional advice to make your shopping easy. Thus, contact the professional employee to give you details regarding anything


Customized Furniture: These days kids are highly demanding concerning choice, so you do not need to worry as Harrods cater their demand by making customized furniture for them.

Gift Basket: A bundle of baby accessories and skin care products are included in a basket to assure the well being of newly born babies. 

Uniforms: Currently uniform of eight schools is in stock, beside that costume for sports activities and other items like for cricket, tennis or school bags is also available.


Highly skilled consultants are waiting under the Harrods to facilitate you with the premium solution. Either you need a gift idea, or anything else just consults talented consultant.

Fashion & Accessories

Made-To-Measure: Every man has a different body shape, so how can one standard size be a perfect one for all? Therefore, get custom clothing stitched just for you.

Jewel Maker: Get jewellery made from your own designs

Repairing Service: Is expensive watch not working? Harrods has staff capable of repairing watches and even jewellery like resizing ring or fixing a stone that came out of your necklace.


Tax Free Shopping: If you are from a non-EU country, then getting back tax deducted on your shopping 
Forex Exchange: No more headache of foreign currency as you can get them exchanged inside the building at good rates.


Tailor made ice cream: Yes, natural flavour ice cream of your choice can be prepared within 24 hours so do experiment
No doubt, you may find finger-licking food of cuisines in Harrods
; grab chocolates and biscuits for yourself and for gifting.

Furniture & Interiors

Wide range of choices available to meet your requirements regarding furnishing of your house including furniture, curtain making, artwork, and useful advice of experts to ascertain interior of your house is outstanding.


Pharmacy: Qualified person will give you medicines in accordance to your prescription. 
Optician: After eye test, optician may prescribe your spectacles or lenses.


Luxury pens in accordance to your preference and process of photography is possible over here.

Sports & Fitness

Customized shoes: Most suitable shoes for, you can be deduced by specialist staff through advanced devices and techniques

Gym Designing: Expert staff can equip your room with exercise machines, hence may enjoy gym at your home
Furthermore, lettering on a shirt or building customized bicycle for you and even repair it.

Other than that, Harrods has a variety of Bureaus to assist you in all matter like travel, gift, wedding, office design, apartment design and much more.

Prepared By
Muhammad Adil

87–135 Brompton Road Knightsbridge London, SW1X 7XL United Kingdom
+44 (0) 20 7730 1234
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