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LEGOLAND is a theme park, which is the favourite spot for 3 to 12 years children; nevertheless, families frequently make a visit over here with their kids to attain joy.

Furthermore, in 1999 Group Leisure Magazine awarded it for the best attraction for families. The theme park is based upon Lego toy company that is worldwide popular for making various kinds of Lego.

Lego Group built their second theme park in Windsor, Berkshire, UK on 1996, while first one was in Denmark. Previously the site of LEGOLAND Windsor was a property of Windsor Safari Park which shutdown in 1992. 

In 2012, alone 2 million visitors visited the LEGOLAND Windsor to acquire the title of “Second Most Visited Place in UK” whereas Alton Tower stood on number 1.

Additionally, it is amongst the top 10 places in entire Europe. However, LEGOLAND sold 70% of its ownership to Merlin Entertainments in 2005 due to financial losses it incurred across the world. 
On an area of 150 acres, you may enjoy altogether 55 rides out of which two are rollercoasters and 6 water rides.

Moreover, doors of LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel opened by March 2012.

LEGOLAND Windsor consist of 11 sections so let us try to portray the theme park by briefly going through each part:

The Beginning

The beginning is the point of entrance to LEGOLAND where you may have the ride on a hill train that is on a slope of 27 meter. The great news is that it opens before LEGOLAND so no need to feel sorrow if you get earlier then opening.

Imagination Centre

Above the Mini land you will find imagination centre that is equipped with education centre, build, and test workshops.

Duplo Land

Previously there was Explore land and Duplo garden which is turned into Duplo Land specifically for amusing kids

Mini Land

Landmarks made with approximately 40 million Lego bricks. 14 computers along with 300 km underground wiring has made possible for vehicles to move, bridges to open for boats, along with lights and sounds.


From its name, you may understand that this theme land is devoted to vehicles
Adventure land
Adventure Land marks the end of LEGOLAND. Moreover, watch animals in the lake during your journey in boat at Atlantis.

Lego City

A small town made of Lego is located at Lego City which was regarded as My Town in past.

Pirate Landing

Pirate landing consist of amusement rides where families may sit in logs to get wet on the sunny day.

Knight´s Kingdom

The dragon roller coaster will take riders inside the castle like building where you would love to see various things especially Lego tableaux. Kindly do not take this ride lightly as speed may exceed 48 km/h.

Land of the Vikings

Land of Viking opened in 2007 behind hill train.

Kingdom of the Pharaohs

Laser raiders in pharaohs’ kingdom will take you to ancient Egyptian tombs where you will shoot the opponent to attain scores. Therefore, it is an interactive game

In 2008, the concept of Q-Bot was introduced according to which you do not need to physically stand in a queue but instead you may reserve your place in a virtual queue. No doubt, it is a time saving mechanism and a great way to escape from lengthy queues. The tiny device comes with three tiers of pricing.

Prepared by 
Muhammad Adil

LEGOLAND Windsor Park Ltd Winkfield Road Windsor Berkshire SL4 4AY
01753 626182
  • LEGOLAND Windsor

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